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on demand or live?

On Demand Workouts

Choose a workout and do it when it suits you.
Our library has something for everyone.

Live Workouts - (coming soon)

Workout with one of our team, they can connect with you LIVE whilst you workout together.

Classes for everyone

Building from a strong foundation, Freestyle Fitness started in 1998, starting with 4 founder members, we now have a team of over 75 dedicated instructors and assistants. 

We have a proven track record of making classes fun and engaging. 

Hundreds of thousands have worked out with us, lets now reach out to more with your help.

home workouts for everyone

The workouts that you love so much are now available to do at home.

Choose your session, make some space and enjoy the vibe.

Classes for every level of fitness, we are here for you each step of your fitness journey.